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D-Shape Rubber Seal Strip Hollow sponge seal


Our EPDM D profiles are incredibly light weight while also offering good strength and abrasion resistance. This enables you to use this product in a wide variety of applications while also ensuring that transportation and installation is easy. A key feature of our EPDM D profiles are it’s ability to function in a wide variety of exterior environments. It offers excellent water and air tight properties and is also resistant to weathering, heat as well as ozone deterioration.


We offer a wide variety of rubber EPDM D extrusions to suit a variety of applications. EPDM offers unique properties compared to other rubber compounds and is ideal for use in sealing as well as absorption applications. We supply a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit any purpose.



- Material: Epdm, Rubber 
- Color: black




Reduce the impact of the doors, extend the service life.      

Seal the door gap, prevent muddy water coming.      

Reduce wind noise, create a quiet environment.      

Prevent the exposed air, make more comfortable riding.   


Detail Information:

Colour Black
Material EPDM
Cross Section Type Circular
Hardness (Shore A) 70
Maximum Temperature (°C) 250
Minimum Temperature (°C) -50
Elongation at break (%) 300
Tensile Strength (MPa) 14
Compression Set (%) 16



 Rubber Sealing System for vehicles:

1.     Primary Door Seal (Door Mounted Weatherstrip)

2.     Secondary Door Seal (Body Mounted Weatherstrip)

3.     Flocked/Coated Window Glass Run Channel

4.     Waist Belt Line Weather-strips/Window Felts (Inner and Outer)

5.     Door Sill Seal

6.     Front & Rear Windshield Weather-strip seal

7.     Hood to Cowl Seal

8.     Hood to Radiator Seal

9.     Roof Rail Seal

10.   Quarter Window Vent Seal

11.   Tailgate Seal/Trunk Seal/Boot Seal

12.   Molded Corner 

13.   Pillar Post Seal


Custom Rubber Profiles:

1.     Solid EPDM Rubber Profile

2.     Sponge EPDM Rubber Profile

3.     Dual Durometer EPDM Rubber Profile

4.     Bulb Trim Seal with steel core or steel wire core

5.     Flocked/coated Glass Run Channel

6.     EPDM Glass Run Channel with TPE Slip-Coating

7.     Edge Trim/Edge Protector

8.     Self-Adhesive EPDM Foam Seal

9.     Self-Adhesive Neoprene Foam Tape

10.   3M Tape Backed Sponge Rubber Profile

11.   Silicone Rubber Profile




Application :

 car, camper, truck, boat, mini-van, van, trailer, bus, coach, lorry, motor home, caravan, truck, general engineering and domestic use. Fitting cars such as - Mini, Ford, Hillman, Vauxhall, VW, Land Rover, Peugeot, Citreon, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche etc


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