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Soundproof silicone rubber seal for steel door and window

 Black Foam Rubber Seal with pressure-sensitive adhesive features long life and seals against water, dust and noise. Cushions and eliminates vibration rattles. Great for pickup tops and body side rails. 


Manufacturing Industry, Marine Industry, etc.

It is available in various shapes, including D sharp sponge seal, P sharp rubber sponge seal and square sponge seal.

Widely used in sealing to avoid dust, water or air such as doors, bonnets, boots and luggage compartments of automobiles, streetlight housings, heavy-duty steel doors and windows, aviation and electrical industries.



· Good elasticity and anti-compression deformation, weather-proof

· Very hard wearing and washable


Product detail description:

Physical character:

Property Usage
Perfect Heat-Resistance Printing Industry
Soft and Elastic Architecture Industry & Machinery Industry
Insulating Electronic & Electrical Industry
Flame Retardant Anti-Burning Agents
Anti-oil, Waterproof Gasket, Sealing Parts
Weather Resistance outdoor use material


Technical Data:

Tensile Strength 3.0-5.0 M pa ASTM D412
Breaking Strength 25 K n/m ASTM D1458
Elongation 300% ASTM D412
Hardness 30+/-5 Shore A ASTM 2240
Temperature Range -60~260 C En344
Density 0.6~0.9 g/cc ASTM D792
Thermal Conductivity 0.06-0.1 w/m*k ASTM D5470
Breakdown Voltage 25 K V ASTM D149



50M/Roll, 2rolls /carton, General Carton size: 50*50*20cm

the cartons are standard stronger exportation carton, put on the wooden pallet

Finally, The plastic film wrapped on the whole wooden pallet





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