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Rubber edge trim for car boat trailer

EPDM Edge trim is made from EPDM material with the special metal clips and gripping tongue to provide a better gripping,.EPDM Edge trims play a important role of decorating  and protecting edges in the application.


Material: EPDM, PVC

Shape: U type seal strip 

Color: Black, Brown, White , red or customized



· Truck cabs

· Tractors

· Motorcycles

· ATV fenders

· Fiberglass panels

· Sheet metalparts

· Etc.


Rubber edge trim and sealing profiles are also called clip on sealing profiles or rubber edge protectors.

Product Description



General Temperature Rating

 -40˚F to +230˚F



Outer cover material


Inner clip material

steel and Aluminum


70 shoreA

Resistance to

· Weather resistance— Excellent

· alkalis and acids resistance— Excellent

· Aging and ozone resistance—- Excellent

· Sunlight Aging resistance—- Excellent





Cars, boats, trailers, seats, horseboxes; any material that needs edge protection.


1)Material: EPDM,PVC
2)With a tongue-shaped steel plate insert
3)Easy to install
4)Used in any tough edge to protect


Product Detail description:
1)used in trim around doors, lids, and about any other exposed edge
2)Prevent leaks, gaps, and vibration
3) Flexible PVC edge trim slides on easily to cap any edge

Applications for Rubber Protective Strips:
Railcars, automobile, steamboat, industrial electrical equipment, building door & window, garage door ;construction machinery, construction bridge and tunnel etc
1.automotive: door, truck, truck crap, window seals spacers for wheel wells, window weather striping
2.building products: curtain wall frames, OEM window seals, door seals slider door seals, tract and channel seals
3.window and door: various door seals, edge guards, egress window frames, garage door seals
4.containers: drums, barrels, safes and case seals.




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