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Self Adhesive Sealing Strips for Doors and Windows

 EPDM weather stripping is ideal for sealing between the joints, not allowing anything to pass through doors and windows. It can be used as buffer seals to reduce shock and vibration. With Peel & Stick self-adhesive backing tape, it can be easily used to seal against cracks and gaps from wooden doors, plastic-steel doors and windows, moving gates, sliding doors,auto doors etc. 


Material: EPDM, Silicone, PVC
Shape: E/P/I/D/P type foam seal strip
Length: 5 Meters(16.4 feet)
Color: Black, Brown, White
Dimension(approx): 9 x 4mm
Suitable gap: 2-4mm


1. Excellent wear resistance,weather resistance,ozone resistance,UV-stable,chemical resistance,anti-aging resistance, etc 
2. Excellent sealing performance against shock,noise,air,water,dust,insects etc. 
3. Strong self-adhesive backing tap, Easy to install,can be used in door seals, window seals. 
4.Good tight dimensional tolerances and have excellent compressability, elasticity and adaptability to uneven surfaces 
5.Environmentally friendly. No bad smell and no harm to human 


Detail Information

Product name

Rubber Seals 



Producing way



 black, red, orange, yellow, grey, white,blue, brown


 30-90 shore A

 Tensile strengh


Temperature range



 high elastic,anti-ultraviolet,ozone proof,shock-proof,buffering,sound-proof etc.


 household, hotel, commercial buildings, hospitals, shopping malls and other fields






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