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EPDM Big D-shape Rubber Stripping Door Seal Strip

Door seals and weatherstripping keep moisture and wind from entering the cabin between the doors and body. They also help the doors fit properly in the body openings, so they close easily without looseness that could create rattles. Weatherstripping can become compressed and cracked with age, and some sections can become worn, torn, and detached. These flaws can result in wind noise and water leaking into the interior.


Material: EPDM rubber + 3M Adhesive
Colour: Black
Shape: D-shape
Total length: 5 M (200").
Size: 10 x 7.5mm(0.39" x 0.30")
Suitable position: Car doors and windows
Suitable models: Universal


EPDM has excellent heat resistance, thick, ozone resistance, strong tensile strength. Good elasticity, heat resistance and resistance to aging. Has a sealing, lower voices, the role of dust. Raw materials are using native rubber, non-toxic, harmless, no special Harmful odors. With double-sided adhesive closely integrated with the body.


Detail Information

Product name

Rubber Seals 



Producing way



 black, red, orange, yellow, grey, white,blue, brown


15-90 shore A

 Tensile strengh


Temperature range



 high elastic,anti-ultraviolet,ozone proof,shock-proof,buffering,sound-proof etc.


car door, household, hotel, commercial buildings, hospitals, shopping malls and other fields







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