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Round cord EPDM sponge rubber seal strip

 EPDM Sponge Cords are precisely engineered in a circular structure and used for the various applications to restrain damage due to ozone, air and chemicals. These cords are designed in sync with international standards with the use of high quality of raw materials along with rationalized machines and modern techniques. The cords are widely appreciated among our clients as these withstand various atmospheric conditions.


Molding rubber seal strip for doors of container  
1.anti-ozone, anti-aging
2.good elasticity
3.convenient installation 
4.shiny appearance

5. Extruded or co-extruded seal; 

6. seals firmly, excellent wearable



1. Outstanding ozone resistance.
2. Excellent weather ability with good resistance to high temperature and low temperature.
3. Remarkable resistance in chemical and various polar solution
4. Oxygen-resistance performance

5. Good sealing capability


Detail Information





Cross Section Type


Hardness (Shore A)


Maximum Temperature (°C)


Minimum Temperature (°C)


Elongation at break (%)


Tensile Strength (MPa)


Compression Set (%)





Usage: door and window,automotive industrial,train,building construction, machines, control cabinets, construction, ship &boat industries etc


Customer care


Imported EPDM(Raw rubber)

Recycled rubber (recycled materials)

Material differences

Imported EPDM raw material

Recycled rubber from the rubber waste

Physical identification

Soft texture, good flexibility, scalability, and light weight, smooth surface

Tend to be more rigid, elastic differential, heavier than the seals in same dimensions

Odor identification

Not sharp, has a slight rubber odor, a few days will be naturally volatile

Sharp, pungent odor, even in combination smell, volatile is slow

Service life

Long service life, general environment can use for decade years

Short life, aging, harden, crack occurs in few years

Human hazard

no harm to human body

Contain toxic substance




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