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Pinchweld side seal

These edge trims with side seal come with a self grip mechanism to hold them in place and a soft bulb to provide an efficient seal. 

Used for sealing doors, boots and bonnets on 4WD’s, cars, trucks and tractors. Sealing doors and lids on caravans, camper trailers, excavators, trains and trams. Industrial uses include sealing electrical switch boards and cabinets as well as industrial refrigerators.

The ‘pinching’ part of the extrusion fits over the edge to conceal and create a clean finish to metal, fibreglass, glass and plastic, gripping without the need for adhesive or other fixing methods. 

  Some of the products section diagram as follow:


CP-1   CP-2    CP-3    CP-4


CP-5   CP-6    CP-7    CP-8


CP-9   CP-10    CP-11    


CP-A   CP-B    CP-C    CP-D


CP-E   CP-F    CP-G    CP-H


CP-I   CP-J    CP-K    CP-L


CP-M   CP-N    CP-O    CP-P






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