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U-Shape PVC Decorative Edge Trim

 This edging trim is a PVC plastic, suitable for various applications around the home, garden or work place. PVC is corrosion resistant and so is impervious to conditions prone to rust or damp.

The profile is generally used to edge flooring such as laminate or lino and will fit most 2-3mm panels. It is fairly pliable and can be cut down, drilled and fixed in place.

Each PVC trim is:

· Amendable

· Corrosion Resistant

· Pliable

· Robust

The plastic edging trim is approximately 7mm in width, 4mm in height and 1m in length. There are alternative colours and sizes, also available.

 Detail description:


PVC with metal core insert


U section


black, red, blue, orange, grey, etc.

Work temperature

-35 to 70 centigrade

Production process


Resistance to

· Ozone - Excellent

· Water Absorption - Excellent

· Sunlight Aging - Excellent

· Low Temperature - Good


· Van Doors

· Boats

· Golf Carts

· Helmets

· Truck Cabs

· Riding Mowers

· Computer Cabinets

· Tractor Cabs

· Fiberglass

· Machinery Guards

· Sheet Metal

· Playground Equipment




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