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Damming compound, molding and positioning putty

 Damming compound, molding and positioning putty can be used in zinc crushes, building installations, machinery installations, HVAC-R, air conditioning / refrigeration, welding and soldering and many more applications. Holds tight, remains plastic, and retains molten Babbitt and low melting point materials.

Applications: Damming compound for pouring Babbitt bearings, vibration suppression, rock crushers, positioning delicate parts, holding solder while soldering wires on generators, aids in positioning during welding/brazing.

· Damming, molding, and positioning putty

· Asbestos-free

· Remains flexible, holds tight, easily packed in place

· Extreme temperature resistance

· Easily and quickly removed



Product description:


Product Name

Air Conditioning Refrigerator Hole Sealing Plugging Clay Putty


Sealed Clay/Mud, Plugging Clay/Mud, Anti-rat Clay, Plasticine, Blocking/Plugging Mud

Physical State


Color and Size

White/Black, Size Customized


BR, SBR, Paraffin Oils etc


1.    Non odor, non-toxic, non-corrosive and without any stimulation to the human body.

2.    Self-adhesive, good sealing performance, heat resistance, frost resistance, weatherability.

3.    Good operability and can be reused multiple times.


1.    Used to seal holes of cable pipes, air conditioners, wall.

2.    Applicable to seal and stop leakage in all contaniers ans building constures.

3.    Used to reduce vibration for tube and other components in freezing or refrigeration equipment.

4.    Used to seal tube outputs of evaporators







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