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Rubber hose


Rubber hose is used for a wide range of applications throughout many different industries and market sectors. They are manufactured from various rubber compounds and can be reinforced with wire or textile plies for increased durability and pressure resistance. 

 All our rubber hoses deliver maximum transfer efficiency enabling the lowest cost per ton conveyed. This is made possible through industrial rubber hose pressure testing, and the fact that these rubber hoses, their fittings and accessories are highly resistant, flexible, durable and strong.

 Features and benefits:

1.Large stock holdings

2.Rubber hose cut to your required lengths

3.High abrasion resistance

4.High tensile couplings available

5.Lightweight rubber hoses


EPDM rubber hose

EPDM Tube or 'Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer' Tubing is a type of synthetic rubber tube that is tough and durable. We can produce extrusions of EPDM in tubing, cord or rectangular/square profile to order with your specifications, or in our standard stock sizes.
We can produce EPDM Tubing with a shore hardness of between 40°Shore-90°Shore in a wide range of colours in addition to the standard black.

We also have the facilities to compression mould many different grades of rubber as well as EPDM.

-Tough and durable.
-Suitable for high temperature applications.
-Resistant to weathering components such as Ozone, Atmospherics, Weather, UV and Temperatures.
-Can be produced in a wide range of different colours
-Can be extruded in different profiles as cord, tubing, square, rectangular, strip.
-Available in a large shore hardness range 40-90 Shore 'A'.


NR-01   NR-02   NR-03   NR-04
NR-05   NR-06
NR-07   NR-08
NR-09    NR-10    NR-11    NR-12


Silicone hose

·         Durable silicone construction

·         Improve heat and pressure tolerance

·         High-quality worm-gear clamps where applicable

·         Quick-disconnect fittings where applicable

          Multiple color options


SR-01   SR-02   SR-03   SR-04
SR-05   SR-06   SR-07   SR-08
SR-09   SR-10   SR-11   SR-12
SR-13   SR-14   SR-15   SR-16




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