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Weatherstripping is the process of sealing openings such as doors, windows, and trunks from the elements. The term can also refer to the materials used to carry out such sealing processes. The goal of weatherstripping is to prevent rain and water from entering entirely or partially and accomplishes this by either returning or rerouting water. A secondary goal of weatherstripping is to keep interior air in, thus saving energy on heating and air conditioning.



·         Protective Edge Trim

·         EPDM Rubber

·         Mudguard Flare, Finishing Strips

·         UV Stabilised and Automotive Use

·         Temperature range -30C up to 130C



Product Display:

Product Description                

EPDM Weather Sealing Rubber Strip                                 


EPDM, or customized


window & door, curtain wall



Hardness (shore A)

65-75, as clients' requirement.


0.75~1.6 g/cm3

Tensile Strength

3~10 Mpa


200~550 %

Compression set

≤ 35%

Temperature Resistance

-50ºC ~ 130ºC

Production Technique



WS-01   WS-02   WS-03   WS-04
WS-05   WS-06   WS-07
WS-09   WS-10
WS-11   WS-12
WS-13   WS-14   WS-15   WS-16
WS-17   WS-18        


Performance Characteristics:



EPDM rubber seal strips

The main material is based on advanced microwave curing production line.

EPDM has excellent resistance to ozone, weathering resistance, heat aging resistance, excellent electrical insulation properties, good chemical stability.

The basic properties: hardness 70±5A, temperature 120-150ºC, low temperature -50ºC won't broken.



 Some of our drawings:

WS-A   WS-B   WS-C   WS-D
WS-E   WS-F   WS-G   WS-H
WS-I   WS-J   WS-K   WS-L
WS-M   WS-N   WS-O   WS-P
WS-Q   WS-R        


Building doors and windows: glass and pressure bar, glass and fram fan,auto, frame and fan, etc.




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