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EPDM co-extruded rubber strip for electrical cabinet


The co-extrusion process involves extruding two or more materials through a single die so that materials merge or weld together into a single structure before Vulcanising. The co-extrusion can consist of two or more type of material with different specifications and it can also consist of a metal strip running thru it. Co-extrusion profiles are used in various types of applications like door seals etc.


The rubber seal strips are made from PVC/EPDM material with the special metal clips and gripping tongue. It is widely used in the auto door, electrical cabinet, auto window, auto body, seat, skylight, engine case, trunk and others, which play an important role in the application. It can provide a good waterproof, excellent seal, sound insulation, dustproof, antifreezing, shock absorption, keeping warm and enery-saving ans so on.


 Product description:

Product name

EPDM sponge rubber seal strip for electric cabinet door


EPDM sponge rubber +dense EPDM rubber +steel belt


Black and so on


40-90 shore A




Can be customized by customer`s required

Production process



Automobile, Electrical appliances, Mechanical, Construction, Household


Waterproof, windproof, anti impact, noise reduction, car door and window decoration




1. Excellent weather resistance and good anti aging performance.
2. Water proof.
3. Excellent insulat, ion property, resistance to oxidation, ozone resistance and erosion resistance ability




industries, automobile, doors, window, machine and construction industry



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